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Photo App To RSS 01

RSS Feeds now available on Photo-app


I had not done any visible work on photo-app for a while (although I pushed a couple of performance releases to significantly improve performance, and I plan to do more in this area); thanks to the suggestion of one of the best photographers on, Jochen Spalding, I have added RSS feeds last weekend (to be precise what I have …

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Highest ranked photo currently on photo-app, by Stephan Schiffer

Photo-app, two month after


I released the first version of photo-app on June 30, 2013 (announced with this post). Since then, I have added quite some features and fixed all known bugs: in less than two months, I have deployed exactly 152 new versions of the app (yes, I do not advertize every single release!) Some history I started working on photo-app because I …

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Untitled 1

HandBrake adds real batch processing


I had not noticed it, but thanks to some comments on the HandBrakeBatch page on MacUpdate, I have found that HandBrake has finally introduced batch support, since version 0.9.8 (might be earlier, I have not checked). This pretty much kills the need for HandBrakeBatch, but I am glad that finally HandBrake developers decided to add this feature to the Mac …

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Photo Home

Photo-app, photo sharing app for


Lately I have found myself using (ADN) more and more, and other social networks less and less. I like to be in control of the information I share, and I like the clean and simple design of ADN; not to mention the fact that 256 characters are ideal for quickly sharing something. More than this, I really like the approach …

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HandBrakeBatch 2.21 released


Very quick bug-fix release. I thought I fixed the issue with language dropdown in the Preferences yesterday in v2.20, but it only worked in some cases. This release should fix it once and for all (hopefully). Let me know if anything does not work as expected.

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