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HandBrakeBatch 2.23 released


After a long time with no updates, here is a new version of HandBrakeBatch. The credit does not belong to me though, I have simply merged a pull request kindly provided by Michaël Fortin. Many thanks to Michaël for his contribution. Here are the changes: Xcode-recommended project changes to fix warnings. Set path control to “Standard” style instead of the deprecated “Navigation Bar” …

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Photo App To RSS 01

RSS Feeds now available on Photo-app


I had not done any visible work on photo-app for a while (although I pushed a couple of performance releases to significantly improve performance, and I plan to do more in this area); thanks to the suggestion of one of the best photographers on, Jochen Spalding, I have added RSS feeds last weekend (to be precise what I have …

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Highest ranked photo currently on photo-app, by Stephan Schiffer

Photo-app, two month after


I released the first version of photo-app on June 30, 2013 (announced with this post). Since then, I have added quite some features and fixed all known bugs: in less than two months, I have deployed exactly 152 new versions of the app (yes, I do not advertize every single release!) Some history I started working on photo-app because I …

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Untitled 1

HandBrake adds real batch processing


I had not noticed it, but thanks to some comments on the HandBrakeBatch page on MacUpdate, I have found that HandBrake has finally introduced batch support, since version 0.9.8 (might be earlier, I have not checked). This pretty much kills the need for HandBrakeBatch, but I am glad that finally HandBrake developers decided to add this feature to the Mac …

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Photo Home

Photo-app, photo sharing app for


Lately I have found myself using (ADN) more and more, and other social networks less and less. I like to be in control of the information I share, and I like the clean and simple design of ADN; not to mention the fact that 256 characters are ideal for quickly sharing something. More than this, I really like the approach …

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