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Do you need a VPN? Roll your own.


In the recent past, there has been more and more talking about privacy, security, encryption, etc. Many articles recommend to use a VPN whenever you feel your Internet connection is not safe (when you are at a coffee shop, hotel, airport, or any place where you don’t know and trust the provider). Actually VPN is not even the correct term: …

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HandBrakeBatch: fix the automatic updates


Unfortunately the SSL certificate that OSOMac is using (free Class 1 certificate from StartSSL) has a problem. The problem is with StartSSL’s intermediate certificate embedded in the OS: this certificate is expired since October 2012, so the end-user certificate that our site is using is not trusted by Mac OS X. As a consequence, HandBrakeBatch refuses to accept any update, given …

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HandBrakeBatch 2.20 published


Release note: New: HandBrake CLI updated to v0.9.9 New: If selected language is missing, “Undetermined” is automatically chosen when present Fixed: manicure.rb issues with old presets Fixed: UTF-8 characters in preset names : More details on a dedicated post. As always, the new version can be downloaded from the application page. Manually downloading the file is also a perfectly valid way …

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HandBrakeBatch 2.18 published (first pull request merged!)


New release after a long time. All the credit for this release goes to Vincent Esche, who did a great job with a long due code cleanup & modernization. I have another pull request pending, with nice improvements to the UI, but I haven’t had the time yet to fix some crashes introduced with the new code. Thanks in advance …

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HandBrakeBatch 2.9 released


I have just released version 2.9 with a number of new features, among which the option to delete source files after conversion. I have improved the detection of a successful conversion (directly parsing the output of HandBrakeCLI), still  Let me know if you encounter problems with this version. Open the article to see the complete list of new features and …

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