HandBrakeBatch 1.2 released


I have just uploaded a new version of HandBrakeBatch to the application feed. If you have activated the automatic update you will get a notification and this time the update process should work fine.

I have added a couple of Growl notifications, and the possibility to add files to the queue by dragging them on the application icon (either in the Finder or in the Dock). This is particularly helpful if you use applications like LaunchBar, now you can simply select a bunch of files, send them to LaunchBar, and open them with HandBrakeBatch.

As usual, all feedback is welcome!

  1. Sam

    Trying to intall HB Batch 1.2. After download it tells me that the install was improperly signed.
    What do I do?

    • Cesare Tagliaferri
      Cesare Tagliaferri06-02-2011


      There was a problem in version 1.0 and the automatic update system does not work. You need to download the new version manually from here: HandBrakeBatch 1.2. The following updates will work as expected.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.


  2. Foertel


    v1.2 does not find any presets for me. 🙁

    I’m using handbreak 0.9.5, macos x 10.6.7 and everything works fine with v1.1.

    Anything I can send you to debug? regards, foertel

    • Cesare Tagliaferri
      Cesare Tagliaferri06-02-2011

      Hi there,

      Is this behavior consistent? From time to time the preset list appears empty, but this happens quite rarely and unfortunately I haven’t yet had the time to find out why…

      If in your case the list is always empty, can you send me your preset file, in “Library/Application Support/HandBrake/UserPresets.plist”? You can send the file to support (at) osomac (dot) com. Can you also tell me what type of machine you are using?


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