HandBrakeBatch 2.1 released


I missed a small issue with the new Growl framework in the previous version. Nothing horrible, but all notifications were doubled, once with the app icon, and once with a broken icon… This is fixed.

With the new Growl framework, notifications are supported even when the Growl application is not installed. This could be annoying as there is no simple way to disable those notifications (short of changing a hidden preference with a Terminal command). I have added the possibility to disable all HandBrakeBatch notifications, in case you don’t want to be annoyed; it’s in the Preferences.

  1. Bryan

    You are my absolute hero. How is this app not getting WAY more attention?

  2. Jocky

    Yes, this is such an amazing application! Thank you SO SO SOOOO much for designing it! I echo Brian’s comment: You are my hero also! I’ll try to spread the word. God bless you Cesare! ^_^

  3. Scott Mason
    Scott Mason06-08-2013

    So how do I disable the growl notifications then? What would the terminal command be?

    • Cesare Tagliaferri
      Cesare Tagliaferri06-08-2013

      This is the command:

      defaults write -g com.growl.growlframework.mist.enabled -bool NO

      • Scott Mason
        Scott Mason06-08-2013

        Worked… THANKS!!

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