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HandBrake adds real batch processing


I had not noticed it, but thanks to some comments on the HandBrakeBatch page on MacUpdate, I have found that HandBrake has finally introduced batch support, since version 0.9.8 (might be earlier, I have not checked).

This pretty much kills the need for HandBrakeBatch, but I am glad that finally HandBrake developers decided to add this feature to the Mac version (it has been available on Windows for a long time if I’m not mistaken).

This said, it is not that intuitive to add several files to the queue at the same time. Here is how to do it:

  1. When you open HandBrake and it asks for a source, select the folder containing your movies;
  2. From the File menu, select Add All Titles To Queue;
  3. HandBrake will add all the movies in the selected folder to the queue.

Given this new feature in HandBrake, I do not plan to release new versions of HandBrakeBatch. A huge thank you all for the kind support and all your contribution to the charities!

  1. Bryan

    Thank you for all the work you’ve done. You filled a need and did so admirably, and it is greatly appreciated!

  2. Joseph Holmes
    Joseph Holmes08-09-2013

    That’s terrific new, but I couldn’t get it to work until I realized that you have to actually click open after you select the folder of movies. Only then is Add All Titles to Queue available.

    And by the way, thanks for HandBrake Batch, which I used many times.

  3. SBMason

    Have used the batch feature in Handbrake a couple times now. I still like the simplicity of HandBrakeBatch though way more though. Thanks for the work you put into it!

  4. Dan Daranciang
    Dan Daranciang08-10-2013

    I actually prefer HBB for even single conversions–it offers a drag-and-drop simplicity and clean interface that HB doesn’t. It even cleans up after itself!

    Thanks for all your efforts. I’ll be donating to one of the charities you designated now.

  5. Mathias Henrich
    Mathias Henrich08-16-2013

    I will continue using HBB for batch conversion.

    It has still more features than the HB batch function. Handbrake doesn’t handle multiple audio languages well, HBB does.

    I hope that HBB stays compatible for a while.

    If you would decide to continue developing, I for one would appreciate it.

    If not… Thanks for the great software anyway.

  6. T_K

    I tried the new Handbrake conversion feature and find it is clunky. I have to wait for it to scan all the files in the folder, then I have to wait again for it to add them all to the queue, then finally I can begin the batch job. With your tool, it is so much quicker to set up a batch job. Can you please continue to maintain it and also make it compatible with Snow Leopard, like Handbrake itself is? I have both Lion and Snow Leopard machines and would like it to work on both. Thanks.

  7. Joe Gudac
    Joe Gudac10-03-2013

    Thanks for making the such a great application. I really hope it continues to work for years to come.

  8. Pini

    One of the things that HBB does that the regular one doesn’t, is preserve file metadata (especially the date created one) which is a boon when converting home videos. This is one reason (and also the much simpler user interface as mentioned above) why I urge you to carry on!! Thanks again 🙂

  9. JensFZ

    First: Thanks for your great pice of software.
    The Handbrake batch conversion process is still not the same as it is in your software. I’ll miss the “delete after conversion” feature and the simplicity of an drag drop click tool.

    it would be great if you’ll put the sourcecode to github or something like that if you didn’t want to continue the development.

    • Cesare Tagliaferri
      Cesare Tagliaferri10-10-2013

      Thanks for your comment, much appreciated.

      The source code is already on github, HBB has been open source since I launched it. The link is on the app page.

      • JensFZ

        Oh realy. great!
        I’ll download that code as soon as possible.

  10. AlexBLN

    Beyond that you cannot drag and drop files from the finder into handbrake. PLEASE continue HBB. Best, Alex

  11. Henry

    Also wanted to add my thanks. This program must have saved me hours of effort over the years.

  12. Nelson

    You can’t add a folder with only subfolders of videos to Handbrake. Only HBB can handle folder subtrees. Please continue developing and supporting HBB! It does one thing and it does it way better than Handbrake.

  13. Mykii Liu
    Mykii Liu12-02-2013

    Seriously, what you have done is amazing and should continue! I agree with Nelson! Your build is the only build that actually allows subtrees!! It’s fantastic and a life saver!! I would totally give you $20 bucks for this without even thinking 🙂 Please continue to support and develop this!!

  14. Murdock Scott
    Murdock Scott12-16-2013

    I wish I had found this earlier, I just re-encoded a folder of 60 files and it was dead simple. While that was running, I read your notes on how to get the new versions of Handbreak to do a batch (can’t believe they hid it like that), I kept getting errors and it was telling me I was about to replace files that I know didn’t exist. So your elegant little app finished 60 small files before I had even figured out the batch processing mess included in HB. I hope the built in batch function gets better, but I am sure glad to have this in the mean time! Even if you never update this app, I just wanted to congratulate you on understanding the user experience. Well Done!

  15. Gary D Olson
    Gary D Olson12-26-2013

    Thank YOU for your efforts. Untold precious hours of our lives have been given back to us because of your efforts.


  16. Michael

    Even with the batch processing in Handbrake the HBB still has more features and better implementation, from “Destination same as source”, dragging in folders with subfolders of videos, dragging in individual files, delete source, etc.

    I know you have kind of made up your mind already but I would beg of you to consider at least doing some minimal upkeep of the program and not let it completely die. It really is an incredibly user friendly GUI for Handbrake and would be a shame if it died completely or lost compatibility in future OS updates. I mean just look at the fact that you had to explain how to do a simple batch loading of video files in Handbrake’s clumsy and limited batch interface.

  17. Michael

    There’s even more important features HBB that Handbrake batching doesn’t and probably never will. Preserving file names when you drag in a whole folder, Handbrake wrecks this by eliminated all the file names and replacing them with the folder name and a number. The devs are stubborn about not acknowledging that people are converting much more than just DVDs nowadays and probably aren’t going to fix this anytime soon.

    Also, preserving original date and time, just another thing I’m pretty sure they don’t do and is very important to some people.

    I hope you’ll reconsider because without HBB these functions will probably disappear forever from the best video transcoder out there. I’ve requested some of these features to the Handbrake devs in the feature request forum but they just shoot down almost every one.

    • Cesare Tagliaferri
      Cesare Tagliaferri02-16-2014

      Thanks for the nice words. I plan to keep fixing bugs and integrating new versions of the HandBrake engine when they are released. I might add features from time to time, no guarantees though.

      • Michael

        This is great to hear! Thank you.

  18. Hilary

    I had been actively looking for a way to do this while using Handbrake 0.9.9. I finally did a web search and found your article. Thanks!

  19. bigfan

    i have to add to the chorus here about your option to preserve the original date, this alone is why i use HBB and hope you either continue to support this software or somehow HB itself incorporates this ability

  20. Jeffrey

    Thanks for all your hard work. It will be missed.

    HBB has the ability to do sub-folder and sub-folder source override.. Which I really utilize with HBB. Handbrake will only do a selected folder.

    I hope HBB will still work until Handbrake adds a sub-folder option. Converting and adding to a new set of sub-folders will be very time consuming compared to HBB.

  21. Dave Saunders
    Dave Saunders06-03-2014

    Sadly, this feature still falls short of Handbrake batch. Imagine that you open a Finder window and do a search for all files ending in .avi. You can then drag those results into Handbrake Batch for in-place conversion of all those files. How would you do that with the folder-based approach of Handbrake?

  22. Nik

    Hey it’s 2015 and after years of use, I just re-installed my machine and was a little surprised to hear HBB has been discontinued… in 2013!

    I will just keep using it though – because it’s a simple, clean user interface that works perfectly.

  23. JP

    Hello ! Does HBB work with elle capitan ? Thanks.

  24. Nathan

    But is there a way to preserve the original creation date of the file? This is a must-have feature for home videos.

    • Nathan

      My above comment is in regard to the post saying that handbrake now does batch processing.

  25. FranRam

    I need to preserve date and time for all my miniDV videotapes but HBB coded it in interlace mode. It is posible to deinterlace? (handbrake preset can)

  26. Angad

    Hey Cesare The Handbreak’s own batch conversion is nothing as compared to yours.

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