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Aperture Vs LR

Aperture vs Lightroom – My take


More precisely, this article is about Lightroom 5 and Aperture 3. I have been an Aperture user for several years. I migrated from iPhoto following the advice of a photographer met on a MacMania cruise in 2009, Derrick Story (The Digital Story). I have been tempted to try Lightroom for quite some time, and for several reasons: updates are more …

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Highest ranked photo currently on photo-app, by Stephan Schiffer

Photo-app, two month after


I released the first version of photo-app on June 30, 2013 (announced with this post). Since then, I have added quite some features and fixed all known bugs: in less than two months, I have deployed exactly 152 new versions of the app (yes, I do not advertize every single release!) Some history I started working on photo-app because I …

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Photo management workflow on the road


I have just come back from a trip around Italy, and I had a lot of fun shooting photos and working on them straight away, so I would like to share something about my workflow on the road. In past trips I used to travel preferably with my iPad only, while this time I decided to take my laptop. This …

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