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Sanebox New Logo

SaneBox, the best thing that happened to my email


I have always been on top of my email accounts: most of them are at Inbox Zero pretty much every day (often more than once a day). Frequent interruptions throughout the day are the main problem for me. I have tried to set up automatic rules, to classify my contacts, to remove notifications; still, I ended up checking my email …

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Aperture Vs LR

Aperture vs Lightroom – My take


More precisely, this article is about Lightroom 5 and Aperture 3. I have been an Aperture user for several years. I migrated from iPhoto following the advice of a photographer met on a MacMania cruise in 2009, Derrick Story (The Digital Story). I have been tempted to try Lightroom for quite some time, and for several reasons: updates are more …

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New Releases


Very quick update to let you know that I have uploaded a new version of JustTime and ShelfMenu. They are now waiting for Apple’s review. Nothing major, just a couple of useful features. JustTime I have added the possibility to completely disable the sleep function of the iPhone when JustTime is running (also when the timer is stopped); this is useful …

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HandBrakeBatch Icon 512

HandBrake Batch


I have tried several applications to convert videos from one format to another, but to my taste HandBrake beats all the alternatives, by far: better quality, faster, smaller output, smarter (it doesn’t try to upscale your videos as many apps do), and on top of all that it is free. The only problem that I have always had with HandBrake …

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ShelfMenu 2


I have been quite busy in the past few weeks (or rather in the past few weekends…), revamping an old freeware application of mine, released a while back on CeMacSoft: ShelfMenu. I have redeveloped the application almost entirely, updating the code to Objective-C 2.0, moving the data storage to Core Data, and redesigning the UI. The idea is to release …

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