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Ml Growl

Using Growl in a sandboxed app


I am working on a new version of ShelfMenu and, to be able to release it on the Mac App Store, I had to adapt it to a sandboxed environment. ShelfMenu uses Growl for notifications, and I do not want to change this, especially since the new Growl framework works with OS X 10.6 onwards, gracefully falling back to the …

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110 Bug@2x

Using NSMenu in a LSUIElement


While developing ShelfMenu, I have encountered two strange behaviors (aka bugs…) in Cocoa; I have not been able to find any documents or post on these, and I have spent long hours to find acceptable workarounds. I will summarize here the issues that I have found, and the solutions, hopefully this will save you some time.

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XCode 4 & IB plugins


I resisted for a couple of weeks, but finally I installed Xcode 4. The last release is called GM, so I expected it to be complete in terms of features. I was wrong (ok, I didn’t read the release note)… If you use Interface Builder plugins you’d better stick to Xcode 3 for now: they won’t work, and also the …

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Aperture on the go


I have been traveling around Canada for the past two weeks, and I decided to give a shot to Aperture on the road. Disclaimer: I am a beginner in photography, don’t assume the suggested workflow is the best in any way! I decided not to bring my main laptop for the trip, I use it for work and I didn’t …

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