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LegacyNest – Take control of your lifetime legacy


This is an overdue post, after being silent for too long. I have never intended to abandon OSOMac, but I spent more than a year working on a new project, which has finally seen the light. This project is called LegacyNest: first and foremost, it is something I made for myself, as I wanted to stop worrying about my loved …

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1024px Virtual Private Network Overview.svg

Do you need a VPN? Roll your own.


In the recent past, there has been more and more talking about privacy, security, encryption, etc. Many articles recommend to use a VPN whenever you feel your Internet connection is not safe (when you are at a coffee shop, hotel, airport, or any place where you don’t know and trust the provider). Actually VPN is not even the correct term: …

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HandBrakeBatch: fix the automatic updates


Unfortunately the SSL certificate that OSOMac is using (free Class 1 certificate from┬áStartSSL) has a problem. The problem is with StartSSL’s intermediate certificate embedded in the OS: this certificate is expired since October 2012, so the end-user certificate that our site is using is not trusted by Mac OS X. As a consequence, HandBrakeBatch refuses to accept any update, given …

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HandBrakeBatch 2.20 published


Release note: New: HandBrake CLI updated to v0.9.9 New: If selected language is missing, “Undetermined” is automatically chosen when present Fixed: manicure.rb issues with old presets Fixed: UTF-8 characters in preset names :┬áMore details on a dedicated post. As always, the new version can be downloaded from the application page. Manually downloading the file is also a perfectly valid way …

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HandBrakeBatch 2.18 published (first pull request merged!)


New release after a long time. All the credit for this release goes to Vincent Esche, who did a great job with a long due code cleanup & modernization. I have another pull request pending, with nice improvements to the UI, but I haven’t had the time yet to fix some crashes introduced with the new code. Thanks in advance …

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