CeMacSoft (legacy)

If you were looking for CeMacSoft, you are in the right place. I created CeMacSoft in 2006, and published a shareware application, KryptoSpace, and a freeware, ShelfMenu.

KryptoSpace was successful, but I did not have the time necessary to maintain it properly (because of my day job), so I proposed a deal to all existing customers to allow them to move to an equivalent application (Espionage). Moving to Espionage was not an obligation, and I kept supporting those who decided to continue using KryptoSpace; I did stop upgrading the application though.

I have restarted programming recently, and I have improved ShelfMenu and decided to distribute it through the Mac App Store. You can find ShelfMenu 2 here.

If you need support on legacy applications, feel free to contact me through this site, or use the old CeMacSoft support email address (it will not be taken down any time soon).

Thank you all for your continuous support!

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