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Todoist 1

Todoist, my new productivity tool


Over the few months, I have been happy with org-mode, combining an incredible flexibility with the reliability of a plain text file in a Source Control System, and with the raw power of Emacs under the hood. Still, I am moving away, at least for a while. My main issues with org are: Limited functionality of MobileOrg: this is by far …

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Fixing the Emacs distnoted Problem on OS X 10.9


This issue was driving me crazy, but I was too lazy to go and find the patch… This article makes it extremely easy; I have just built and installed Emacs, will see in a couple of days it it solves the issue. With Emacs 24.3 (and possibly earlier versions) under OS X 10.9 there is a nasty problem that causes …

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Overview Title

iOS workflows for org-mode


Although MobileOrg is a very interesting project, I don’t find it very attractive compared to many other iOS productivity applications. It is indeed handy when I need to search something that I know I stored in org, but there are much better option to quickly capture ideas and tasks. This said, it is not difficult to hack into the org-mobile …

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Moving Forward

Org-mode – Moving forward


Having decided to stick with org-mode, I have started to customize it to better fit my working style. My workflow is still very much “work in progress”, and I will keep tweaking it and adapting it to all the new possibilities opened by org. I will try to post regularly on the progress, giving some details about the configuration I …

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