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Securing wp-admin with SSL – Part 1


  Introduction ordpress is one of the most used content management platforms available, and as a consequence it is a prime target for attacks and exploits. Unless your site is a target, having a strong admin password and keeping your WordPress installation up to date is most likely sufficient to avoid being hacked, but there are many additional steps you …

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PGP WDE Beta Supports Snow Leopard


PGP Desktop 10.0 Beta has just been released, with full support for Snow Leopard 32 and 64 bits. This is very good news for all the security concerned people who were stuck on Leopard (including me)! PGP Announced this on their beta blog, on this post. If you want to participate to the beta, here is the link! If you …

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PGP WDE Performance Analysis


After posting the previous article, I have done some tests on a disk encrypted with PGP WDE, and benchmarks show that the performance hit is quite big. Strangely, there is no visible difference during the normal use.

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Securing Data on a Mac


This article covers the different options available on the Mac to secure confidential data.

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