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What is a foreign language worth?


Interesting view on the economic value of learning a language. It would be interesting to do the same analysis with regards to English, for people whose native language is not English. The return on investment would likely be much higher. To be sure, everything has an opportunity cost. An hour spent learning French is an hour spent not learning something …

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HandBrakeBatch 2.0 released


I have just released the new version of HandBrakeBatch, featuring a brand new icon and support for multiple languages (audio and subtitles). I have also fixed many bugs and done some general optimization. All in all, a lot of new code went in, and with it I expect a fair amount of new bugs 😉 Please be patient and let …

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Multiple languages and subtitles support in HandBrakeBatch


This was one of the most requested features for HandBrakeBatch: support for files with multiple audio languages, and subtitles. Finally I got around it and tried to implement it in the simplest possible way. Have a look at the screenshot at the top of the post, the idea is very simple: you configure your language preferences once, and they are respected …

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