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HandBrakeBatch – Problem with custom presets


The newest version of HandBrake, 0.10.0, breaks the ability of HandBrakeBatch to read your custom presets. There have been some changes in the format of the file containing the presets, and HandBrakeBatch is not yet able to parse the new format. The application will still work, but will fall back to the default presets. If custom presets are important for …

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Build a Cheaper, Customizable Alternative to Apple’s Mac Pro


I really don’t see the point of this, beside wasting a considerable amount of time and being able to boast about it. If you build such a machine you’d better go with Linux or Windows; the real advantage of OS X is in the tight integration between hardware and software. Apple’s Mac Pro, the sleek and shiny trash can from …

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Fixing the Emacs distnoted Problem on OS X 10.9


This issue was driving me crazy, but I was too lazy to go and find the patch… This article makes it extremely easy; I have just built and installed Emacs, will see in a couple of days it it solves the issue. With Emacs 24.3 (and possibly earlier versions) under OS X 10.9 there is a nasty problem that causes …

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Bit Rot on OS X – Myth or Reality?


Bit rot, in case you do not know, is a scary word which makes you lose all confidence in your storage. To make it simple, it means that there is a slight chance that your data might change over time, getting corrupted. This leads to all sort of issues, especially with data which is not accessed often and not easily …

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Moving Forward

Org-mode – Moving forward


Having decided to stick with org-mode, I have started to customize it to better fit my working style. My workflow is still very much “work in progress”, and I will keep tweaking it and adapting it to all the new possibilities opened by org. I will try to post regularly on the progress, giving some details about the configuration I …

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