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Sanebox New Logo

SaneBox, the best thing that happened to my email


I have always been on top of my email accounts: most of them are at Inbox Zero pretty much every day (often more than once a day). Frequent interruptions throughout the day are the main problem for me. I have tried to set up automatic rules, to classify my contacts, to remove notifications; still, I ended up checking my email …

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Aperture Vs LR

Aperture vs Lightroom – My take


More precisely, this article is about Lightroom 5 and Aperture 3. I have been an Aperture user for several years. I migrated from iPhoto following the advice of a photographer met on a MacMania cruise in 2009, Derrick Story (The Digital Story). I have been tempted to try Lightroom for quite some time, and for several reasons: updates are more …

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OmniFocus Mac Large

Farewell OmniFocus, welcome org-mode — Pt. 1


I have been sticking to the GTD methodology for quite some time; I read David Allen‘s book in 2006, and have been sold to the methodology almost immediately. At the time I was stuck with Windows at work (as I am today unfortunately), so I tried to implement the methodology using Outlook. Needless to mention, Outlook is as bad as …

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Photo management workflow on the road


I have just come back from a trip around Italy, and I had a lot of fun shooting photos and working on them straight away, so I would like to share something about my workflow on the road. In past trips I used to travel preferably with my iPad only, while this time I decided to take my laptop. This …

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ShelfMenu trial available!


I have prepared a free trial version of ShelfMenu, available for download on the product page. All features are available, but the data will not be saved and will be lost when you quit the application. I have also submitted the application to the Mac App Store, where it is currently waiting for review, I will post a quick update …

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