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Build a Cheaper, Customizable Alternative to Apple’s Mac Pro


I really don’t see the point of this, beside wasting a considerable amount of time and being able to boast about it. If you build such a machine you’d better go with Linux or Windows; the real advantage of OS X is in the tight integration between hardware and software. Apple’s Mac Pro, the sleek and shiny trash can from …

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Why I am sticking with Drobo


After giving much thought to the question, I have finally decided to stick with Drobo, and I have bought a new unit, the 5D. Wouldn’t I have preferred to create my own ZFS system? Yes indeed, but I have not done so, for the following reasons: In order to properly run ZFS you need a fully fledged computer, with a …

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Fixing the Emacs distnoted Problem on OS X 10.9


This issue was driving me crazy, but I was too lazy to go and find the patch… This article makes it extremely easy; I have just built and installed Emacs, will see in a couple of days it it solves the issue. With Emacs 24.3 (and possibly earlier versions) under OS X 10.9 there is a nasty problem that causes …

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Bit Rot on OS X – Myth or Reality?


Bit rot, in case you do not know, is a scary word which makes you lose all confidence in your storage. To make it simple, it means that there is a slight chance that your data might change over time, getting corrupted. This leads to all sort of issues, especially with data which is not accessed often and not easily …

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HandBrakeBatch 2.20 published


Release note: New: HandBrake CLI updated to v0.9.9 New: If selected language is missing, “Undetermined” is automatically chosen when present Fixed: manicure.rb issues with old presets Fixed: UTF-8 characters in preset names : More details on a dedicated post. As always, the new version can be downloaded from the application page. Manually downloading the file is also a perfectly valid way …

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