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2012 07 16 At 17 04 10

Back from the desert


I am back online after a wonderful trip to Mongolia (here are the photos), and HandBrake has been updated to v0.9.8. I have updated HandBrakeBatch to v2.15, with the new HandBrake and a couple of fixes. Let me know if you find any issues!

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Trek in the Gobi Desert


From July 12 to 22 I will be¬†trekking¬†in the Gobi Desert. As you can imagine, I will be cut off from pretty much any form of modern communication in the desert, so I won’t be able to respond to any support request during that period. If you want more information on the trip, please check our blog. We are also …

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Aperture on the go


I have been traveling around Canada for the past two weeks, and I decided to give a shot to Aperture on the road. Disclaimer: I am a beginner in photography, don’t assume the suggested workflow is the best in any way! I decided not to bring my main laptop for the trip, I use it for work and I didn’t …

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