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HandBrakeBatch 2.24 released


A couple of hours of layover during my flight to Italy gave me just enough time to fix the issue with custom presets, which appeared recently in HandBrakeBatch. The problem was due to some changes in the preset file format, introduced with HandBrake 0.10.0. I am not on my main computer, so I do not have many sample files (neither …

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HandBrakeBatch 2.23 released


After a long time with no updates, here is a new version of HandBrakeBatch. The credit does not belong to me though, I have simply merged a pull request kindly provided by Michaël Fortin. Many thanks to Michaël for his contribution. Here are the changes: Xcode-recommended project changes to fix warnings. Set path control to “Standard” style instead of the deprecated “Navigation Bar” …

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HandBrake adds real batch processing


I had not noticed it, but thanks to some comments on the HandBrakeBatch page on MacUpdate, I have found that HandBrake has finally introduced batch support, since version 0.9.8 (might be earlier, I have not checked). This pretty much kills the need for HandBrakeBatch, but I am glad that finally HandBrake developers decided to add this feature to the Mac …

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HandBrakeBatch: fix the automatic updates


Unfortunately the SSL certificate that OSOMac is using (free Class 1 certificate from StartSSL) has a problem. The problem is with StartSSL’s intermediate certificate embedded in the OS: this certificate is expired since October 2012, so the end-user certificate that our site is using is not trusted by Mac OS X. As a consequence, HandBrakeBatch refuses to accept any update, given …

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HandBrakeBatch 2.17 released


After a quite long absence, here is a new version! Check the release note for the details.

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