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Lately I have been working on a new web service, called WhatSalary, which I hope to release sometime in the next few months. I got the idea from a friend (the guy behind, and I immediately started working on it. I won’t disclose more details for the time being, but if there is enough interest I will launch it soon. The idea is to allow people to answer the following questions:

  • Are you sure you are paid the right salary?
  • What should you expect if you get promoted?
  • What is the right salary for your job in a different country?
  • What about a different industry?

If you are interested, please let me know by registering here (I will notify you by email when the service is launched).

Needless to mention, your email will only be used to notify you about this service. Apologies for not having a more appropriate legal disclaimer: I will not sell, mis-use, give away, trade, or [insert your favorite evil action here] your email address!

Thank you in advance!

I am interested!

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