HandBrakeBatch 2.17 released


After a quite long absence, here is a new version! Check the release note for the details.

In short:

  • New: After conversion, automatically quit the application, put the Mac to sleep, or shut it down
  • New: Auto save and load the conversion queue
  • New: Burn subtitles – Only works with DVD VobSub subtitles (from DVD, MP4 and MKV sources) and ASS/SSA subtitles (from MKV sources)
  • Fixed: Check on duplicates (not possible to add the same file twice)

As always, if you find any issue pleaseĀ do let me know!

  1. enrique

    Is there any truth to the internet claims that using this batch processor results in lower quality encodes than by using HB directly? It is hard to believe, but scary.

    • Cesare Tagliaferri
      Cesare Tagliaferri01-02-2013

      HBB uses the command line tool from the official HB distribution, so the conversion engine should be exactly the same as HB. That being said, if you use custom presets, there is a conversion process to go from HB presets to options for the CLI tool; this process is done by a ruby script, also part of the HB official distribution. If you use complex custom presets, they might not be mapped perfectly, and this could cause difference in the output of HB and HBB.

      I recommend you to test your custom presets before doing mass conversions. There should be no issues with standard (built-in) presets.

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