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Newsblur, my new RSS reader


When I wrote this post about RSS readers, a couple of weeks ago, a friend insisted that I should try NewsBlur as well. I always avoided this service, developed by Samuel Clay, mainly because I did not like the homepage (I know, this does not sound serious, but bear with me). The couple of times I actually checked the demo, it looked so messy …

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RSS Readers


RSS (and Atom) feeds are still the primary way of reading technical news for me. I never managed to like apps like Flipboard, or to use Twitter lists for this. RSS readers give me much more flexibility in organizing the stream of news, and making sure I don’t miss anything important to me. As everybody else, I was on Google …

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RSS Feeds now available on Photo-app


I had not done any visible work on photo-app for a while (although I pushed a couple of performance releases to significantly improve performance, and I plan to do more in this area); thanks to the suggestion of one of the best photographers on, Jochen Spalding, I have added RSS feeds last weekend (to be precise what I have …

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Do you need a VPN? Roll your own.


In the recent past, there has been more and more talking about privacy, security, encryption, etc. Many articles recommend to use a VPN whenever you feel your Internet connection is not safe (when you are at a coffee shop, hotel, airport, or any place where you don’t know and trust the provider). Actually VPN is not even the correct term: …

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Aperture Vs LR

Aperture vs Lightroom – My take


More precisely, this article is about Lightroom 5 and Aperture 3. I have been an Aperture user for several years. I migrated from iPhoto following the advice of a photographer met on a MacMania cruise in 2009, Derrick Story (The Digital Story). I have been tempted to try Lightroom for quite some time, and for several reasons: updates are more …

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