HandBrakeBatch 2.24 released


A couple of hours of layover during my flight to Italy gave me just enough time to fix the issue with custom presets, which appeared recently in HandBrakeBatch. The problem was due to some changes in the preset file format, introduced with HandBrake 0.10.0. I am not on my main computer, so I do not have many sample files (neither preset files, nor sample movies), but the new version loads my custom presets correctly.

The issue was related to the way preset folders are encoded in the file: it used to be a boolean and it is now an integer. I do not really understand the reason for this change, but it was relatively easy to fix once found. I have only changed the script which translates the preset file in command line options for the HandBrake CLI, so the risk of regressions is small. That said, there might be other changes in the format of the preset file which I missed, so if you have problems let me know.

Download available as an automatic update, or from the product page.

On this, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  1. Hendel

    Thank you – and Happy New Year! 🙂

  2. Sander

    Just works…perfect, fast and really easy interface.
    The ability of preserving the original file date in preferences is thé big +. And it works.
    Users need to know that importing 50+ files at once probably will result in a freeze, but did 45 short movies in one run today..absolutely flawless..

    Glad I found your program.. many thanks ! (Tested on 10.10.5,latest handbrake)

  3. james


    Im still getting an error with video conversions using batch.

    It can see my saved presets in batch but once it finishes conversion it creates a video file with no playable video.

    When i test with presets that come with handbrake files convert perfectly.

    Any help would be great.

    And thanks again for ll your hard work.



  4. Al

    Thank you so much for this software.
    I have been using it for years.

    I think i read something on your blog some time ago as to discontinuing HandBrakeBatch due to batch processing being built into handbrake now. The built-in batch processing comes nowhere close to HandBrakeBatch, It does not automatically put the converted file in the original’s folder and does not offer the option of deleting the original. For converting large libraries…. your software is the only acceptable choice. My only issue is it freezing and crashing when I que up quite a few files.
    Is there a setting I can change on my computer? Devote more memory to the app or something.


    • Cesare Tagliaferri
      Cesare Tagliaferri01-15-2017

      Thanks for your kind words. I should find the time to update the app, I know about the crashes and also the HandBrake engine should be updated.

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