HandBrake now supports batch conversions. I do not plan to update HandBrakeBatch in the future.

More details on this post.

HandBrake is in my opinion the best video converter available today; I have been using for a long time, and every time I try a different application I am regularly disappointed. The only problem with HandBrake (on the Mac at least) is the lack of a real batch mode: the queue management is great, but you have to select the source files one by one.

Here comes HandBrakeBatch: a fully independent application which uses HandBrake video converter under the hood, and allows you to drag & drop a bunch of files at the same time, and convert them using any of the default HandBrake presets. With version 2.0, I have added the most requested feature: support for multiple audio languages and subtitles. Custom presets defined in HandBrake are fully supported as well.

If HandBrakeBatch does not recognize your custom presets, most likely the problem can be fixed very easily, have a look at this post for instructions.

The application is Charityware (if you find the application useful, please go ahead and donate! I have selected some charities, but feel free to suggest more and I will consider adding them) and licensed under GPL (as HandBrake is). The source is available on github.com, and the complete application is available here. A wiki is also available on github, with additional information (release notes, requested features, etc.). If you find problems, please send me a message or add an issue on github.

Most of the new features that I have added and keep adding come from your suggestions. If you find the application useful, keep sending ideas!

The application includes HandBrake conversion engine, you don't need to download and install HandBrake separately. The best architecture (32 or 64 bit) is automatically selected at runtime.


HandBrakeBatch is something that I mainly made for my personal use; please note that I shall not be considered responsible if your Mac fries or if the program develops self-awareness and calls an alien invasion on your town (check the license for more details).

Also note that the program does not perform any check on the file names. If an unsupported file is added to a batch, it will be passed with the other files to HandBrakeCLI, but it will not be converted.

Download HandBrakeBatch